Follow your will

Whether you are inexperienced, a job-seeker, or a startup owner,

it does not make a difference.

Apply if you have the WILL to contribute to society.

We would love to see your dream become reality.



FreeWill-FreeSpace is not a hierarchy, but a partnership. There is no need to keep secrets. Therefore, we promise to be 100% honest at all times, and we ask the same of all our participants.


No one knows the future. However, we are looking to work with those who are willing to take a chance in spite of the uncertainty. Instead of waiting for destiny to reveal itself, we want those who are willing to take destiny into their own hands!

Currently employed?

Unfortunately, you cannot participate in Freewill-Freespace while employed at another company. You must be currently unemployed or planning to leave your current job. It is not necessary to join Freewill in order to participate in Freewill-Freespace, but our doors are always open!

Are you the head of a startup?

The only way to participate in Freewill-Freespace while employed is if you are the primary owner or the decision maker of the company or business.

How to apply?

Send your documents

Let's talk

Pitch your idea

1. Send in documents

To apply to FreeWill-FreeSpace, please submit the following documentation:

  • A copy of your ID
  • Your Curriculum vitae (CV) and/or resumé
  • A copy of your school diploma
  • Executive summary (*see below for details)

Send to

*Company profile only applies for startup owners. Examples: 1 2

*A university diploma is not necessary to apply.

*Company profiles are only required for startup owners.

*Educational background, career, nationality, sex/gender, age, etc. have no influence on our decision. What matters to us is your idea, effort, trustworthiness, and most importantly, your WILL.

Executive summary:

The following must be described in a maximum of one and a half pages:

1) Project outline

An outline of your proposed idea including an overview and the problem that you want to address.

2) Predicted costs

Estimate the amount of financial and human resources that you will need. Keep in mind that we will work to provide you a majority of the necessary manpower, thus minimizing labor costs.

(For example: “I need XXX yen, 2 computers, 3 senior level programmers, 2 marketers, and 1 person for back office work. I also need a strategic partner in the agriculture industry”).

※Be sure to express all currency in Japanese Yen.

3) Business schedule

When is the intended launch date for your project or company?

For startups, please be sure to include your future plans for the company and a rough timeline of when you intend to accomplish them.

4) Any other information that you would like for us to know.

Feel free to include any additional information about you or your project that you would like to share with us.


1. You may be asked to submit additional documents regarding your identity or containing personal information.

2. Trust is a crucial element of business. We will corroborate the legitimacy of all documentation submitted, so please do not fake your personal documents.

2. Let's talk

After we have reviewed your documents, we will ask you to come into our office so we can talk face-to-face and hear more about your idea.

At that time, we will also ask you about your personality, values, future plans, passion, and your WILL.

Above all, we are searching for someone with a strong character, honesty, and transparency.

When coming to our office, we ask that you prepare and bring a business plan.

Your business plan can be any length, but it must contain the following information:

  • • a) A detailed breakdown of your estimated expenses
  • • b) A description of your future plan and end goal for the project
  • • c) How you plan to “repay” us

a) Estimated expenses

This should be a more detailed explanation of your project costs than what was provided in your executive summary.

b) Future plan and end goal

The best way to get others onboard with your idea is to show them how passionately you believe in your cause.

In this section, we would like for you to write about the future that you see for your project, and tell us exactly what you are looking to accomplish.

c) Repayment

Free Will- Free Space is not looking to take over your project.

Whether the project succeeds or not, you retain complete ownership. However, we do ask that you plan ahead how you intend to repay our financial resourcing.

The form of return is negotiable; you can choose to give us a percentage of your shares or even agree to a partnership where you hire us as a client in the future.

You can also choose to pay us a lump sum. It is up to you.

3. Pitch your idea

After Freewill-Freespace had agreed to sponsor your project, we ask that you next present your idea in front of our engineers at our quarterly general assembly (GA).

Since it will be these same engineers working with you on your project, it is essential that you convince them to share your vision.

Have a question?

Visit our help center full of answers to our most commonly asked questions.