Our community impact

"Making the world a joyous place to live and work".

A whole different viewpoint. An IT company is never constrained to IT.

The idea is to contribute to society and ultimately, the world, which has been fueling our recent activities. We trust in the efforts we put in, and hope that one day, the people, the animals in the forests, will benefit from them.

Let’s Drive The World!

Freewill CSR Sport for tomorrow

Sports for Tomorrow

Freewill is participating in SPORTS FOR TOMORROW, which is an international contribution through sport initiative led by the Japanese government. On November 2016, Freewill member held a soccer event involving 300 local children in Surin, Thailand, and interacted with these children who dreamt of becoming professional soccer players, but were considered “off the radar” from society.

Regardless of soccer, but sports altogether, we will be partaking more in these events in the future, to further enrich and support other communities.

Freewill CSR One Town One Product (OTOP)

One Town One Product (OTOP)

Currently in Surin Province, the North Eastern part of Thailand, Freewill is partaking in One Town One Product and promote products such as silver accessories, silk, elephant related products, and official Thailand goods. Through the process, we also give business advices and do English and Japanese translations.

We try our best to put ourselves in their shoes, and visit the actual factories and manufacturers, to figure out the problems and troubleshoot them. It is not a matter of capitalism; Our goal is to accomplish a win-win situation for both sides.