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Our mission is to accelerate the globalization of the ICT market

and support global businesses.

We feel that it is our responsibility to train the younger generations

to represent the country and perform in a way

only Japan is capable of doing.

We feel a sense of obligation towards society.

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As members of society, it is our duty to ensure the prosperity

of all life on Earth.

However, sometimes you don’t quite know where to start, or there aren’t any organizations supporting your desired cause.

SPIN is a crowdfunding service that seeks to assist and nurture everyone and everything in need (including less fortunate children, endangered species, and more).

Whether you have a cause but no investor, or you are a willing investor without a cause, with the use of virtual currency, SPIN crosses borders to connect promising causes with eager investors.

Utilizing revolutionary robotics technology (RPA), we provide the automation of otherwise menial tasks, such as data collection.

In order to reserve precious manpower for more challenging tasks, we program robots to tend to take care of the more tedious tasks, thus improving both time management and efficiency.

Growth hacking is a process of identifying the most effective and efficient ways to grow our client's business directly with our services.

How do we do this?

Having skilled engineers and consultants that will be glad to help you.

We listen to our clients, find their needs and figure out how we can carry out the growth of their businesses.

Have you ever wondered what people are actually saying about your product?

With our social listening tool, we can now search the web and gather results worldwide for any given topic.

From newspaper articles to blog posts to tweets, we can search any mention of a product on the internet.

One of our main strengths is our high skilled engineers. Our engineers are bilinguals of both English and Japanese, with a broad IT knowledge. They also have strong communication skills, which becomes the key to success for our client's business.

We provide ICT Engineers to our clients. Such as joining one of the client's’ projects as a main member, outsourcing, contract employees and yes they can go abroad too.

Our solutions include software development, website development, IT infrastructure design and network operation, consulting, project management, analyzation of international startups, and many more.

With our extensive network all over the world, we discover innovative products, combine them with our services and provide them with producer's name to offer excellent products or services to our clients.

To achieve this, we make a contract with the producers in the shape of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

We offer critical solutions to clients who are unfamiliar with IT, such as system development projects, construction of IT infrastructure, research on startups, and so on.

Our main goal is to expand our client's business all over the world!

We have an "AI Lab". It mainly focuses on how to implement Artificial Intelligence in our client's business.

We always look for new technologies that are innovative and effective for various kinds of industries.

We have a mindset of a complete globalization for everyone, and thus we are putting immense effort into English education.

We are providing English education for Japanese companies, study abroad program businesses, and an application called Gabby, which is provided by our affiliated company in Canada.

Gabby is an innovative system for English learners, more info here.

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