Let's keep the world spinning

Let's keep the world spinning

SPIN stand for "Step-Parents Investment & Nurture®" and it aims to look after "talents of the future that are currently under unfortunate circumstances".

It is an application to provide an opportunity for individuals to become a "Step-Parent" to those with noticiable talents, which cannot survive on its own. Once the talent has flourished and contributed to society, its role changes from direct contribution to nurturing other talents and create generations to follow. We have named this application as "SPIN" in hopes of creating an opportunity of endless human connections just like earth does while spinning restlessly.

We have already launched a project, which aims to support and nurture a parentless children in the Asia as well as Africa, who wish to become a professional soccer players. We will make continous effort to preserve and nurture talents of not only mankind, or plants or animals, but for all that exists here with us on this planet.

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