Freewill CSR Sport for tomorrow

Sport For Tomorrow


Sport For Tomorrow is an international contribution through sport initiative led by the Japanese government. Freewill member has been taking part in Sport For Tomorrow since 2016.

Why we do

Our mission is to contribute to the society. With that in mind, we joined to Sport For Tomorrow.

On November 2016, we successfully held a soccer event in Surin, Thailand. By holding the event, we put ourselves in the children’s soccer shoes, and we felt an indescribable amount of passion towards soccer. After the event, we had felt that through our expertise of global ICT engineering and global skills, we could support these children, and start a completely new “Sport Business”. The event was held with the idea of finding the path to helping with the children’s dream of becoming a professional soccer player.


How are we helping

Being born in a developed country, there is an obligation for us to pass along and teach those skills and experiences to the people in a developing country. Some of our members have experience playing soccer for the youth team of Japan League. By having these members coaching the children we leave a large impact.